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The Core Connector LDAP provides an Authorization Data Provider, which retrieves user attributes used for access control from an LDAP server.


      ldap_connection: '%env(LDAP_CONNECTION)%'
        - name: functions
          ldap_attribute: USER-FUNCTIONS
          is_array: true # default: false
        - name: ...

The ldap_connection node specifies which LDAP connection to use (see dbp/relay-ldap-bundle). The attributes node defines a mapping between LDAP (i.e. source) user attributes and access control (i.e. target) user attributes:

  • name The name of the target user attribute
  • ldap_attributeThe name of the source user attribute
  • is_array (default value: false) Used to specify whether the user attribute is of array or scalar type. If the array type of the source and target attribute do not match, ldap_attribute is converted to/from array.