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By default the API collections support partial, page based pagination. This means the response it split up in pages and the response does not include a total item or page count.

The URL for the next page is included in the response under collection["hydra:view"]["hydra:next"]. In case there is no next page it will be omitted from the response.

The default page size and page size limits can vary between different endpoints.

Requesting a page: A specific page can be requested by passing a page query parameter.

Requesting a page size: The number of items per page can be changed by passing a perPage query parameter, but each endpoint might define page size limits internally, so the resulting page might be smaller or larger then requested. The resulting page size will be the same for the whole collection as long as all other parameters are the same.

Example Result:
  "@id": "/things",
  "@type": "hydra:Collection",
  "hydra:member": [
      "@id": "/things/42",
      "@type": "",
      "name": "Some Thing",
  "hydra:view": {
    "@id": "/things?page=1",
    "@type": "hydra:PartialCollectionView",
    "hydra:next": "/things?page=2"