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Can have one of the following values: failure, success, pending, unknown

dispatchStatus Description
failure Means that the delivery failed
success Means that the delivery was successful
pending Means that the delivery is pending / or in-transit
unknown Means that the delivery status is unknown

Error Codes

relay:errorId Status code Description
dispatch:request-file-missing-request-identifier 400 Missing "dispatchRequestIdentifier"!
dispatch:request-submitted-read-only 400 Submitted requests cannot be modified!
dispatch:request-file-missing-file 400 No file with parameter key "file" was received!
dispatch:request-file-upload-error 400
dispatch:request-file-only-pdf-files-allowed 415 Only PDF files can be added!
dispatch:request-file-empty-files-not-allowed 400 Empty files cannot be added!
dispatch:request-recipient-person-identifier-and-person-data-set 400 A request recipient can't contain a personIdentifier and personal data together!
dispatch:current-person-not-found 403 Current person wasnt found!
dispatch:request-not-found 404 Request was not found!
dispatch:request-status-change-not-found 404 DeliveryStatusChange was not found!
dispatch:delivery-status-change-blob-identifier-invalid 500 DeliveryStatusChange has invalid blob identifier!
dispatch:delivery-status-change-blob-download-error 500 File of the DeliveryStatusChange could not be downloaded from Blob!
dispatch:delivery-status-change-wrong-status-error 500 Receipt can not be uploaded in this status!
dispatch:request-recipient-not-found 404 RequestRecipient was not found!
dispatch:request-file-not-found 404 RequestFile was not found!
dispatch:request-files-not-found 404 RequestFiles were not found!
dispatch:request-not-created 500 Request could not be updated!
dispatch:request-recipient-not-created 500 RequestRecipient could not be created!
dispatch:request-file-not-created 500 RequestFile could not be created!
dispatch:request-file-blob-upload-error 500 RequestFile could not be uploaded to the Blob service!
dispatch:request-file-blob-download-error 500 RequestFile could not be downloaded from the Blob service!
dispatch:request-file-blob-delete-error 500 RequestFile could not be deleted from the Blob service!
dispatch:delivery-status-change-file-blob-delete-error 500 DeliveryStatusChange file could not be deleted from the Blob service!
dispatch:request-status-not-created 500 DeliveryStatusChange could not be created!
dispatch:request-status-file-not-deleted 500 DeliveryStatusChange file could not be deleted!
dispatch:request-already-submitted 400 Request was already submitted!
dispatch:request-has-no-recipients 400 Request has no recipients!
dispatch:request-has-no-files 400 Request has no files!
dispatch:request-has-recipient-without-delivery-method 400 Request has a recipient without a delivery method!
dispatch:request-pre-addressing-failed 500 PreAddressing request failed!
dispatch:request-pre-addressing-not-found 404 Person was not found!
dispatch:write-cert-error 500 Cert data could not be written to file!
dispatch:status-request-soap-error 500 DualDelivery status request failed!
dispatch:dispatch:status-request-failed 500 StatusRequest request failed!
dispatch:dual-delivery-request-soap-error 500 DualDelivery request failed!
dispatch:dual-delivery-request-failed 500 DualDelivery request failed!
dispatch:request-recipient-not-updated 500 DualDelivery request failed!
dispatch:request-recipient-delivery-end-date-not-set 500 DeliveryEndDate of RequestRecipient could not be set!
dispatch:request-invalid-reference-number 400 referenceNumber wasn't set correctly!
dispatch:request-name-empty 400 name must not be empty!