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graph TD style api fill:#d0d0ff,stroke:#333,stroke-width:4px style sublibrary_bundle fill:#606096,color:#fff subgraph API Gateway api(("API")) core_bundle("Core Bundle") sublibrary_bundle("Sublibrary Bundle") end subgraph Ex Libris alma_analytics("ALMA Analytics") alma_api("ALMA API") end api --> core_bundle api --> sublibrary_bundle sublibrary_bundle --> core_bundle alma_analytics --> alma_api sublibrary_bundle --> alma_api sublibrary_bundle --> alma_analytics click alma_api "./#alma-api" click alma_analytics "./#alma-analytics"


Library information is fetched and stored via the ALMA API provided by ExLibris.

ALMA Analytics

Additional library information, that can't be accessed by the public ALMA API is fetched from ALMA Analytics by ExLibris.