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With the Austrian EU Digital COVID Certificates infrastructure being discontinued since June 2023 this bundle is no longer functional.

graph TD style greenlight_connector_bundle fill:#606096,color:#fff campus_online("CAMPUSonline") ldap("LDAP") subgraph API Gateway api(("API")) greenlight_bundle("Greenlight Bundle") greenlight_connector_bundle("Greenlight Connector Bundle") end api --> greenlight_bundle greenlight_bundle --> greenlight_connector_bundle greenlight_connector_bundle --> campus_online greenlight_connector_bundle --> ldap

This bundle connects the greenlight bundle with CAMPUSonline and allows fetching student photos from issued student cards. This makes it possible to authenticate students visually via the frontend.

Installation Requirements

  • Access to a CAMPUSonline instance
  • A configured CAMPUSonline OAuth client for the data service
  • An LDAP server for mapping user IDs to CAMPUSonline IDs.