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Web Components

We currently defined multiple types of components:

  • Simple web components
  • Activity components
  • Topics
  • Applications
graph TD Application --> Topic1 Application --> Topic2 Topic1 --> Activity1 Topic1 --> Activity2 Topic2 --> Activity3 Topic2 --> Activity4 Activity1 --> Component1 Activity1 --> Component2 Component1 --> Component2 Activity2 --> Components... Activity3 --> Components... Activity4 --> Components...

Simple Web Components

They have the following attributes:

  • Provide attributes and properties for configuration and data input
  • Emit events for data output
  • Don't leak any internal web components

Activity Components

The same as simple web components, but they provide an additional metadata that describe them. This allows applications to show information about them and search for them without actually loading the Javascript.


A topic is a set of activities that are somehow related. Activities can be in multiple topics if wanted.


Applications provide a shell around activities, topics or multiple topics. They provide authentication, routing, menus, navigation, search, layout features for responsiveness, saving and restoring state, PWA integration etc.