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Qualified Signature Flow

Browser Interaction

sequenceDiagram participant Browser participant API as API-Gateway participant PdfAs as PDF-AS participant ATrust as A-Trust autonumber Browser->>API: Send PDF to sign loop Sanity Check API->>API: Check if uploaded file is valid end API->>PdfAs: Send PDF to sign PdfAs->>ATrust: Demand signing process ATrust-->>PdfAs: Deliver signing request parameters PdfAs-->>API: Deliver signing request redirect URL API-->>Browser: Deliver redirect URL with `reqId` Browser->>PdfAs: Get form in iFrame PdfAs-->>Browser: Send form with automatic execution Browser->>ATrust: Redirect to A-Trust ATrust-->>Browser: Send Form for credentials in iFrame Browser->>ATrust: Send crendentials from iFrame ATrust-->>Browser: Send Form for 2FA in iFrame Browser->>ATrust: Send 2FA, Waiting for result Note over PdfAs, ATrust: Security Layer Communication<br> Create Signature ATrust-->>Browser: Deliver redirect URL Browser->>PdfAs: Redirect to PDF-AS in iFrame PdfAs-->>Browser: Deliver URL with to static callback Browser->>API: Redirect to static callback <br> invokeURL in iFrame API-->>Browser: Send `sessionId` to frame <br> parent in browser to download file Browser->>API: Send `sessionId` API->>PdfAs: Send `sessionId` PdfAs-->>API: Send signed PDF API-->>Browser: Deliver signed PDF

Security Layer Communication

sequenceDiagram participant PdfAs as PDF-AS participant ATrust as A-Trust autonumber PdfAs->>ATrust: Request certificate data ATrust-->>PdfAs: Send certificate data PdfAs->>ATrust: Request for signature from mobileBKU ATrust-->>PdfAs: Send signature response loop Signature Check PdfAs->>PdfAs: Check if signatures are valid end PdfAs->>ATrust: Send redirect URL for Browser with `sessionId`

Browser Javascript API

The response of calling /esign/qualified-signing-requests contains a url property which, in the context of a browser can be loaded in a new windows or an iframe and will redirect the user to the authentication page. After the authentication is finished the windows will forward a result to the window creator via the postMessage() API.

In case the authentication succeeded, the response is:

    type: 'pdf-as-callback',
    sessionId: '<sessionId>',

The sessionId can be used to retrieve the signed document via the /esign/qualifiedly-signed-documents endpoint.

In case of an error, the response is:

    type: 'pdf-as-error',
    error: '<A readable description of the error>',
    cause: '<Cause of the error, usually empty>',

The error property can be shown to the user.