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Cron Jobs

Each bundle can defined their own cron job commands by creating a service which implements the CronJobInterface interface. The service will be invoked at the right time by the core bundle.

Note that the jobs might be called more often then specified in some edge cases and failed jobs will not be retried.


    autowire: true
    autoconfigure: true




namespace Dbp\Relay\MyBundle\Cron;

use Dbp\Relay\CoreBundle\Cron\CronJobInterface;
use Dbp\Relay\CoreBundle\Cron\CronOptions;

class MyCronJob implements CronJobInterface
    public function getName(): string
        return 'My Cron Job';

    public function getInterval(): string
        // Every hour
        return '0 * * * *';

    public function run(CronOptions $options): void
        // Do things here...

See for information on the syntax used in the interval string.


What happens if a job fails/throws?

The error will be logged, and the next job will be executed, if there is one ready. The same job will be executed again later according to the cron interval.

What happens if my job takes longer then the configured interval?

Then multiple instances of your job will run at the same time.