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This section contains documentation for integrators, system administrators, designers, developers and users of our front-end and back-end frameworks.

flowchart LR style gateway stroke:#338555,color:#338555 style frontend stroke:#9e1e4d,color:#9e1e4d subgraph frontend["Frontend Framework"] webapp["Web Application"] activitiy["Web Activity"] end subgraph system["Backend System"] apiclient["HTTP Client"] end subgraph gateway["Relay API Gateway"] api["API Gateway"] subgraph bundle_1["Bundle"] bundle_1a["Bundle"] end subgraph bundle_2["Bundle with Connector"] direction TB bundle_2a["Bundle 2"] connector["Connector"] end end backend_1["Backend 1"] backend_2["Backend 2"] bundle_1a ---> backend_1 connector --> backend_2 api --> bundle_1a api --> bundle_2a webapp --> gateway activitiy --> gateway apiclient --> gateway bundle_2a["Bundle"] --> connector["Connector"]

The digital blueprint framework is open source and consists of a modular API gateway providing a REST API as well as a web component based frontend framework for building web applications as well as single activities that can be embedded in existing web applications.