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Extending with Bundles

By default, a fresh API server does not provide any API or other client facing functionality. You can extend the server with features by adding so-called bundles.

There are three types of bundles:

  • Core bundles — bundles which provide core functionality
  • API bundles — bundles which add API endpoints - they come in different forms:
    • Fully self contained bundles which handle everything themselves, from storage to communicating with external services.
    • Not fully self contained bundles which need one more connector bundles for talking to external services. This allows users to easily switch between different external services, or develop a custom connector for their own external service.
    • Or bundles which are a mix of the above two, where for example some storage mechanism is implemented in the API bundle directly, but communication with some external API is handled via a connector bundle.
  • Connector bundles — bundles which connect an API bundle with some external service or backend.
graph TD style ext_service1 fill:#46A046,color:#fff style ext_service2 fill:#C1665A,color:#fff subgraph "" api(("API")) core_bundle("Core Bundle") api_bundle1("API Bundle") api_bundle2("API Bundle") connector_bundle("Connector Bundle") end subgraph "" ext_service1("External Service") ext_service2("External Service") end api --> core_bundle api --> api_bundle1 api --> api_bundle2 api_bundle1 --> ext_service1 connector_bundle --> ext_service2 api_bundle2 --> connector_bundle

Installing & Configuring a Bundle

Adding a bundle is as simple as installing it with composer:

composer require dbp/relay-greenlight-bundle

Installing will do the following things:

  • Register the bundle in the config/bundles.php file.
  • Write an example configuration file under config/packages. See the bundle configuration page for details.
  • Write various example configuration environment variables into the .env file. See the configuration page for details.

In some cases the API bundles also requires a corresponding connector bundle to be installed. For example:

composer require dbp/relay-greenlight-connector-campusonline-bundle

Once everything is configured you can check that everything is working correctly via the health check command.


Please make sure that the bundles you installed do not switch between different timezones, as this could lead to issues with the API.