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Browser Compatibility / Requirements

We currently target the following browsers:

  • Firefox 69+ (2019-09)
  • Chrome 71+ (2018-12)
  • Edge 79+ (2020-01)
  • Safari 13.1+ (2020-03)
  • Opera 64+ (2019-10)
  • iOS Safari 13.4+/iOS 13+ (2020-03)
  • Android 4.4+ (2013): Chrome 80 can be installed on Android 4.4

These version requirements are derived from requiring the following features:

We use extra tooling/pollyfills:

Rules for when Browsers can potentially be dropped


For example this query can be use as a rough guideline:

npx browserslist "> 0.5% in alt-EU, last 1 years, Firefox ESR, not dead"

Handling of old Browsers

In case our modules are used with a too old browser this can lead to the following issues:

  • The page stays empty since it fails to load the Javascript or fails to parse it
  • The application works but some (possibly key) features are broken

To avoid such scenarios and to give the user proper feedback, we provide a standalone feature-detection script which gets loaded alongside the application and replaces the whole page with an information overlay in case a required feature is missing:

Device Resolution Support

We currently try to target "iPhone SE 1st gen" as the lowest supported (CSS) resolution: 320 x 568

See, and for more information.