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The server template can be used as a template/starting point for your own API instance. It consists of a minimally configured Symfony application and development environment and includes/integrates:

  • The dbp/relay-core-bundle: Which provides the base functionality and ties everything together
  • The dbp/relay-auth-bundle: Which provides authentication via OIDC
  • A docker-compose based development environment
  • Linter/Unittest integration

It also has the DBP Symfony recipe repository included, so many DBP bundles get their configuration files and environment variables installed automatically.


# Install the DBP API Server Template (
# as base Symfony PHP application
# The relay-api/public directory then is the directory to let the webserver point at 
composer create-project dbp/relay-server-template relay-api

# Change to app directory
cd relay-api

# Install dependencies (you need php and composer for this)
composer install

See for more information.