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flowchart TB subgraph Relay API Gateway mono_bundle["Mono Bundle"] mono_payment_client_bundle["Payment Client Connector"] mono_payment_service_provider_bundle["Payment Service Provider Connector"] end mono_bundle --> mono_payment_client_bundle mono_bundle --> mono_payment_service_provider_bundle

To provide user/customer information for starting a payment and for storing the payment result you need one or more PC (Payment Client) connector. On the other side you need at least one PSP (Payment Service Provider) connector which is responsible for carrying out the payment. The main mono bundles allows you to connect PCs and PSPs and configure them as payment types which can be used via the HTTP API.

We currently provide the following PC connectors:

We currently provide the following PSP connectors:

You can find more information about each specific client connector in their respective bundle documentation.

Installation Requirements

  • A SQL database like MySQL, PostgreSQL or similar.