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Locks are used to provide exclusive access to a shared resource.

The Relay API gateway optionally requires a locking backend. By default it uses a local backend which is only suitable if all processes run on the same server. Once your API runs on multiple servers you need to configure a remote/shared locking backend.


In the bundle configuration set the lock_dsn key to a DSN supported by the Symfony Lock component

At the moment we only support RedisStore and PdoStore:


# config/packages/dbp_relay_core.yaml
  # redis[s]://[pass@][ip|host|socket[:port]]
  lock_dsn: 'redis://localhost:6379'


# config/packages/dbp_relay_core.yaml
  lock_dsn: 'mysql://user:secret@mariadb:3306/dbname'

This will create a lock_keys table in your database where the lock information will be stored.

Keep your secrets in the .env.local file

To provide easier maintainability for your project it is recommended to keep all secrets in the .env.local file. In this case, you could add a variable LOCK_DSN='mysql://user:secret@mariadb:3306/dbname' to your .env.local file, and reference it using lock_dsn: '%env(LOCK_DSN)%'