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Setting an Audience in Keycloak

To prevent access tokens issued by the same Keycloak server, but meant for other services, to be used with our API Gateway we can set an "Audience" for the generated tokens. For more info see the Keycloak documentation on this subject.

For how to add a hardcoded audience to a Keycloak client see the docs.

Here is a short summary:

  • Create a "Client Scope", e.g. api-gw-audience
  • Disable "Include In Token Scope" and "Display On Consent Screen" (not strictly needed, but it's not a real scope)
  • Go to "Mappers" and "Create" a new mapper
  • "Mapper Type" is "Audience", set "Included Custom Audience" to api-gw and enable "Add to access token"

By adding this client scope to a client the generated tokens will have their aud field set to api-gw.

The resource server (API-GW) then needs to check that the (valid) access token as the audience api-gw and if not reject the token because it was meant for another service.